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​STUDIO NES Music Production

STUDIO NES is a total music production based in Los Angeles, California, USA, founded by multi platinum producer Steven Lee in 2003. STUDIO NES currently has more than 80 platinum and gold records, and is producing/writing for numerous successful artists, major record companies, labels and publishers worldwide.

STUDIO NES Music Publishing

STUDIO NES is a music publisher controling a variety international music catalogue of publishing and rights. STUDIO NES is registered with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) since 2003 and publishing music mainly in Asia including Japan and South Korea.


STUDIO NES Music Lab is located on top of Whittier Hills in California surrounded by breathtaking Catalina Island and beautiful citylight view. The Lab is professionally designed for all the music post-production needs from music producing, digital editing, mixing to final mastering, and equiped with states-of-the-art music gears that all producers and songwriters need. The lab is custom built for isolation, absorption and diffraction and acoustically trreated walls that allow for low frequency absorption.

Equipment Lists


-  Fully customized music station - (6th gen i7, 32Ram, 4TB SSD Raid, GTX 970 3G), 4K UHD Screen & 120" Full HD 3D Projector


- Alesis Andromeda, Yamaha S90ES, Korg Triton Extreme, Korg Radias, Roland Fantom Xa, Acess Virus TI2, Roland Integra7, Roland V Synth XT, Alesis Fusion 8 HD, Korg Legacy Collection MS20, Roland JP-8080, Korg MS-2000R, Moog Minitaur, Roland XP-30, Microkorg, Novation Xio and many more


-Mackie MCU Pro, Universal Audio LA-610 MK II, UAD-2 Quad, Universal Audio 4-710d 4-ch, Line6 POD XT Live, Avid Eleven Rack, RME Fireface 800, RME Babyface(Mobile), Newumann U87 Ai & Rode, AKG, Blue microphones, Monster power conditioners, All wired equipments with monster & Mogami cables, and many more


- Adam A7X, Yamaha HS80, Yamaha HS8S, KRK 6000, Yamaha MSP5a, Auratone 5c w/ Crown 75DA, Genelec 8010, JBL LSR5 Limited, Jaemo 5.1ch surround


- Line6 Variax JTV-69, Fender J5 Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Menace, Martin CX0001 Acoustic/Electric, Ibanez S470, Fender Classic Triple Tele, Alhambra Muro Del Alcoy, Epiphone Les Paul Custom with EMGs, Yamaha FG730s

- Protools 11, Sonar Platinum, Waves Mercury (Full), Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate, reFX Nexus (Fully Expanded), UAD Plug-ins, EWQL Collections (Full), Spectrasonics (Full), Korg Legacy Collection, Projectsam Symphobia 1, 2,  Swing, and many more

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